Welcome to Vallance Brunswick Group

Vision for the Future

At Dr Ngan and Partners Practice & Dr Chiu, Koh and Gan’s Practice we believe in always looking forwards and this is our vision:

  • Working with patients to achieve high quality care.
  • To move towards more cost effective, integrated and resilient systems of care.
  • To continue to embrace and seek out advances in technology to the advantage of our patients.
  • To adapt to the increasing number of patients who have multiple long term conditions that require complex medical care delivered in their community or home.
  • To continually explore avenues to deliver more complex care in the community as a means of both bringing it closer to patients and their families and reducing costs.
  • To continually promote healthy lifestyles and behaviours while engaging patients and communities in supporting their own care and participating in shared decision making.
  • To work towards more coordination and collaboration across boundaries and reduce fragmentation of care.
  • To continually explore the possibilities of delivering more health care in alternative, adaptable and accessible ways.